DAY 4 (Sunday)

Ben and I have been mixing all day (mostly). Ben has been mixing while i offer love and support. We read passages of Buechner to stay awake.

DAY 3 (Saturday)

Created chaos on "Why Plant Trees" and "The Letter". It was a short day. We all had social events to take part in. All songs are considered and finalized. We cut the list down from 18 to 13. All that's left is mixing for Sunday.


DAY 2 - Making noise with a cassette player. Drinking lots of tap water. Phil is taking a papa nap. Jon wrote his packing list for Egypt (it's not complete yet). Ben almost got hit by a snowmobile. Daniel drank chocolate milk in preparation for final vocals.

working on "Monopoly Is How I Learned"

finishing the lyrics and getting ready for the final vocal.

Awake and on the run
No one’s helping no one
We won’t believe in fate
Growing up inside a race
For our own
Shake the hands of strangers
Tell them to work hard
They can recreate
What we’ve already tried to make
Through the years
I am alone it’s true
But I have so much to do
I have seen my greedy mind
Take charge so many times
So many times. . .

Awake before the sun
No one speaks to no one
Pass me on the street
People I’ll never meet
With no care
I am alone it’s true
But I have so much to do
I have seen practical means
Take charge so many times
So many times. . .
Destructive measures are needed
To wipe me out
Oooooh, ooooh
Destructive measures are needed to wipe me out
Because they should. . . .
Because I should
Behind your back I turn
Monopoly is how learned

Goofing Around

DAY 1 (Thursday)

At the Aashrum recording/setting up. New takes of Terrible Animal with a simpler beat, and stripped down version of Death Is Constant. Danny doesn't have any pants on. We're reaching Nirvana.